Rosin Press: How to Choose the Right One Based on Your Need

Rosin Press: How to Choose the Right One Based on Your Need

Pressing rosin is the art of seeping out cannabis concentrates in the form of rosin by squeezing the cannabis materials with the heated plates of a rosin press. While it sounds easy, beginners find this process of rosin extraction without the help of any solvents quite challenging. 

Investing on a rosin press as a beginner can also seem difficult if you do not know the things to look out for. This guide has been constructed to help you navigate the factors you need to consider to buy the right rosin press according to your need. 


Rosin Press

A rosin press is the main equipment used for a proper rosin extraction. It is the machine that uses extreme pressure, heat and a filter to extract the oil out of any cannabis material. A typical rosin press applies the required heat with the help of a pair of heated metal plates on a rosin filter bag filled with cannabis materials like rosin flowers, kief or bubble hash. A resinous sap full of active compounds is extracted out at the end of this process that collects onto a parchment paper. This extracted cannabis concentrate is what we know as rosin. 

With its solventless extraction, rosin extraction is gaining popularity fast and wide. Hence, there is a growing interest to be noticed among people to invest in rosin presses. There are several types of rosin presses according to the way the pressure is applied. However, before buying one, you have to consider the factors that make a rosin press suitable for you. 

Factors to Consider While Buying Rosin Press

The factors that you might consider before buying a rosin press are:

Personal or Commercial Purpose

A main concern before buying a rosin press is the purpose behind it. If you are a cannabis enthusiast and looking for an easy way to consume it without much hassle, the type of rosin press you buy should be relatively smaller and easier to use. However, if you are thinking of using it for commercial purposes and to extract in massive quantities, then the rosin press needs to be large in size and low maintenance. 

Demand of the Press

Again, if you are using it just for personal use, you know that a couple of grams will be more than enough. In this case, choosing a rosin press that can yield a small amount of rosin will do just fine. But if you want a rosin press for commercial purposes, it automatically changes how frequently you will be using it as well as the quantity you will be requiring at the end of the extraction. 

Availability of Space

The next question you need to ask yourself is whether or not you can afford space for the rosin press. If you cannot spare much space to keep your rosin press, you will have to consider options that are likely small and easy to carry. 


Do you need to carry it elsewhere? This is a question that people often ignore and regret later on. There are rosin presses that can be carried from one place to another, but they are nowhere close to the ones that are huge and heavy. 

Accessories for the Press

Depending on the kind of rosin press you buy, you might be needing some added equipment for it to run smoothly. So before purchasing one, look for the accessories that might be needed for that particular kind. If you think you can manage to get those as well, you are good to go. 

Types of Rosin Press

Although all rosin presses have the same mechanism of applying heat and temperature to extract rosin, there might be some distinction in the way they apply pressure on the cannabis material. According to these differences in the application of pressure, rosin presses can be classified into four primary types.

  1. Manual Rosin Press- These presses require the operator to apply pressure by hand allowing them to have a total control over the entire process of extraction. Cannabis enthusiasts who are just starting out or want to have a sensory bond with the art of pressing rosin can confidently opt for a manual rosin press. 

As more time goes by and you use it more often, you will develop a sense of identifying the right amount of pressure and temperature needed in order to deliver the maximum yield from the starting material and with a refined quality. Since these types of presses require you to manually apply pressure, they are usually smaller in size and are suitable for personal use rather than commercial use. Moreover, with a manual rosin press you cannot reach the maximum pressure of an automated rosin press.

Manual Rosin Press

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  • Control over the amount of pressure applied
  • A sensory connection with the rosin extraction process
  • Affordable
  • Portable
  • Appropriate for personal use


  • Cannot press a large amount of material
  • Cannot exceed a limited amount of pressure
  • Can be tiring to press by hand
  1. Pneumatic Rosin Press

    This press utilizes an air compressor to achieve the desired amount of pressure for rosin extraction. Because of its automated pressing system, it is appropriate for use in commercial operations. These machines are built for yielding an optimum production within a short period of time. So naturally, it is expensive. It has regulators to control the quantity of pressure and temperature with precision. All this machine requires you to do is press a button after setting the required temperature and pressure.

Mobility is an issue for rosin presses of this kind as they require an external compressor as an accessory. So the whole setup takes up a huge chunk of space as well. 

Pneumatic Rosin Press

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  • Can press a large volume of cannabis
  • Maintains a consistency in the quality of the extracted product
  • Helps to control the temperature and pressure with a mathematical precision


  • Most expensive
  • Takes up a lot of space
  • Not portable

iii. Hydraulic Rosin Press- These are semi-manual  machines that require both the use of manual work and machines to operate. The operator needs to put grease for the lever to work and pressurize the hydraulic system by hand while the internal system of pressurized oil takes care of the process of extraction. This requires a level of maintenance that is often a hassle for the user for which it is generally avoided in industrial purposes. The H- Frame hydraulic press is one of the most popular rosin presses that is attracting people for its efficiency. 

Hydraulic Rosin Press


  • Can achieve a high amount of pressure
  • Appropriate for commercial purpose
  • Not as costly as a pneumatic press


  • Might be considered a hassle as it requires both manual and automated work
  • Not as portable due to the presence of an external hydraulic system.
  1. Electric Rosin Press

    - These presses are by far the most convenient option for an efficient extraction as they do not require any compressor or pumps to operate. A growing number of people are pivoting towards this press because of its reliability and functionality. These electric rosin presses function by the power achieved through an electrical input without the need of a big pump. Because of its smaller size and user- friendliness, these presses are preferred by many for personal recreation. 

Electric Rosin Press


  • Easy to use
  • No muscle work required
  • Not as costly as some other rosin presses
  • Extraction can be done with precision
  • Takes up a small space
  • Appropriate for personal use


  • Not as portable as a manual press
  • More expensive than manual presses
  • Can only extract small batches at a time


Whether you are new to the world of rosin or want to start a business of your own, considering the factors that determine the correct rosin press for you is imperative. So follow this guide and find out which type of rosin press will be the best suited for your needs. 

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