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  • Lab- tested High- quality Nylon

    We ensure premium quality nylon which are:

    Dye free

    Food grade

    Optimally stretchable

    Sewed with mathematical precision

    Highly resistant to heat and pressure

    Rosin tech enthusiasts from all over the world have been using our rosin tech products because of the quality of nylon we are being able to provide.

  • Blowout-proof

    Our rosin bags are absolutely blowout- proof due to its:

    Seamless surface


    Extreme heat and pressure resistance capability

    With our scientifically developed rosin bags, you never have to worry about wasting another particle of cannabis due to blowout!

  • Cleanest Yields

    Get the cleanest yields possible as these bags are:

    Stitched with scientific precision

    Available in microns suitable for any kind of source material

    Perfect filters to decontaminate your rosin

    We offer you the most purified extraction so that you can press away without stress.

  • User- friendly

    We bring you some easy to use and hassle- free rosin bags that are :

    Pre- flipped/ inside out


    Washable and reusable

    Trust us to make your rosin experience convenient.

Agar Industries was voted #1 brand for rosin tech and growing products in 2021.

With over 10 years of rosin tech expertise, access to the most cutting-edge rosin tech equipment, and industry-leading extraction perfromance, we are committed to supplying our fans with the best rosin tech products on the planet.

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